21 day diet

Practical tips for reaching your goals for 2017.

Psychologist and writer Karina Picon talks about how to achieve the goals for the new year. To avoid discouragement, activities should be viewed with a lot of discipline, perseverance and, especially, coming out of the comfort zone.

Always at the beginning of a new year, many people stipulate goals, lose weight, do physical activity, change cars, dedicate themselves to studies, stay closer to the family among many others, but over time, nothing is done.

Professional, family, loving goals, no matter what the field, should be put on paper and have to have a deadline to execute. The year 2016 is over, now it’s betting on 2017 and with it changing attitudes.

To be put into practice, discipline and perseverance is required, getting out of the comfort zone is not always so simple and easy. Some studies show that habit changes require at least 21 days in a row before a change can actually occur.

Why the 21 Day Diet?

We tend to give up right away on the first difficulty and we have all sorts of justification for this behavior, this is a way of sabotaging oneself, it’s thoughts and beliefs that holds us back to an already rooted but unsatisfactory behavior.

Change takes work, it has to be a movement from the inside out, but at times the aspects from outside, seem to be stronger than us, what defines our behaviors are attitudes and lack of attitudes. ”

To accomplish a goal, we need to know where we want to go: “Example; If you want to save money, you need to know how much you want to keep, what your financial reorganization will look like, how long you’ll save, and what purpose that money will have. Otherwise everything gets too loose, much harder to reach the goal and realize your dream.

It’s the same way when you plan to lose weight, get fit and take care of health. With this stipulated goal, you should look for an efficient method and put into practice. This method is definitely the 21 day diet.

It is necessary to establish goals within the reality, that are possible to be achieved not unattainable goals. For example, if you aim to lose 10 pounds a month, to achieve it while preserving your health, you need to rely on a tried and tested method, otherwise it is not indicated.

Set priorities.

Without proper help, you become discouraged and abandon the initial project. Relapses are part of the process, do not cling to them, return to your goal the next morning, always believe in yourself, having discipline and perseverance, living one day at a time, do not let anxiety overwhelm you and negatively influence your Purpose of transformation.

Prioritize the goals, and each one should prioritize the one that suits you best. “Each one prioritizes their goals according to their values ​​and life history, of the education received. Importance comes from the values ​​you give to certain aspects. This is very important to me, but it may not be important to you. There is no right or wrong, there are different goals, they are neither more nor less important.