Technology and urban mobility

4moveAbundant applications of urban mobility blanket arose to connect people. Passengers and also drivers need to remain attentive there are points such as safety, punctuality, expense and also fidelity among them.

Different urban mobility applications that operate in Brazil.

Now we have 4 major applications operating in Brazil, they are Uber (the pioneer with private cars), Cabify, 99 (elderly 99 taxi) and also Easy (Macrobio Easy Taxy and also pioneer urban mobility application in the country).

Huge difference between them is that Uber acts simply with Private individuals causing great clashes to where it is established. In addition to this particularity, it is characterized by being the one that invests in the Shared Category, the so-called Uber Pool. In this way it aims to reduce costs, pollution, traffic (theoretically less cars on the streets).

The inequality of Cabify is the possibility of customizing the trip. Previous to embark is likely to opt from the radio station preferably, showing by the request of the driver to penetrate or not his port up to the temperature of the conditioned nitrogen.

Already 99 and also Easy also try to go behind, since they practically abandoned one standard of business and also also went to another, causing but insubordination to the already angry taxi drivers. De, seek to regain space with aggressive discounts. With financial tribute from China’s DiDi, the 99 may be a company that stands out from this time.

News that is coming.

Among companies that seek to fill buyers in this intense fight for a million dollar market is dined WillGo, Televo, T81 and also also but now even 4Move. Willgo is the first to sell an annual license to use the Application by Drivers, but with insufficient publication, mainly among Passengers and also also little known and also also fruitful to drivers. Televo has disadvantages with drivers and also also low travel volume. T81 operates in a few cities and also also presents obstacles with drivers and also also few trips.

With forecast of movement to fall of Juvenilidad of 2017 4Move counts on an aggressive campaign of marketing in the social networks. Promising to share the cake with the drivers and also affiliates invests in the loyalty of the Passengers. No genre of km rolled generates 1 macula, the points generate prizes and also also coin that can be used in the own application or taken into account fluid. Believing in the maxim that the brasilian likes discounts and also in the possibility of winning prizes, it was concluded that only a good one would be able to do no gender of population to allow already established companies of side and also also to drill itself the possibility to test Somewhat new. And also also with a “word of mouth”. Let’s see what will happen in this “war” set.