Have you ever imagined touring the locality and being rewarded for it ?!

That’s it! For every km that the 4Move Passenger moves, he earns points! They are turned into cash back and prizes! Ranging from tickets to one, state-of-the-art Smartphones plus an international trip, no sweepstakes! Yes, locomova by the locality and be compensated it!

The Passenger has 4 categories of service:

TAXI – This is the renaming of traffic, it is the biggest connoisseur of the, being able to walk in Exclusive Corridors, you will arrive at your destination with Comfort and Safety.

TAXI LUXURY – In addition to having luxury and pleasure in a high standard car.

BLUE – The vehicle with a Private Driver that helps you

Quickly and economically by the locality, always being ready to assist you with a wonderful service!

BLACK – Luxury Cars, for those looking for a better experience in Comfort and Excellence.

Pay with the security of the credit card or use the points earned (bonus).

It’s very simple, it’s fun and you’ll ALWAYS!

You can now download the Application which is Game format, which offers the simplicity of getting around the place with Safety and Comfort, where you earn points and win rewards reaching new levels with your Friends. Download it and tell it to your friends and family.

Go winning points through your travels and, like every game, get cooler with friends, so each friend you indicate to them will give you a bonus of the points they make. That way, you’ll get faster at the awards.

Passenger has fun climbing levels and wrestling with family and friends from work, college, college, gym … Who wins the prizes first!

Each of these points that the 4Move Passenger accumulates can be used again within the application (such as free races) or withdrawn directly into your bank account to use as you wish!

Turn, indicate and conquer!

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