How to download movies? 3 Essential Tips

In this post we will talk about essential things to download a movie, basic and simple tips. I suffered enough to learn them and, as this is the intention of the Blog, I will teach them to help you who, like me, had many doubts how to do.

contas premium
contas premium

1 – Different Types of Files

Different file types define the quality of the movie and its size.

RMVB files: Small files, which already contains the subtitles embedded when the movie is captioned. They are ideal for those who have low quality internet.

AVI Files: Supported by various devices, from DVD players to smartphones. Its coding is DivX or XviD (high compression but with losses) for video and generally MP3 for audio, it has average quality of video.

MP4 files: Similar to AVI, it has native support for subtitles (no subtitles in separate files), Xvid encoding, DivX and the powerful H.264 for videos and ACC for audio. Those who want the balance between quality and compression usually choose MP4 but, still, it is little popular near the AVI.

MKV files: new and open source, this is the choice of users who want movies with maximum quality, regardless of file size. You can encode all elements in any format, frame rate, quality of each image and use different video encoders (DivX, XviD, H.264) and audio (ACC, DTS, Dolby Digital), Full HD movies ( 1080p) are rarely less than 10GB

The best format is the one best suited to your needs. The MKV has, in addition to great versatility, the best result, the RMVB prioritizes the simplicity and the small size.

Do not forget to have installed the Codecs to display the films and their respective subtitles, an example is great K-Lite Mega Codec Pack.

2 – How and where to find them:

This is one of the most arduous tasks to download movies, where to find the file? There are several options, just search on Google, but what about security? Which source is trusted? Both in file quality, as site with viruses, trojans, etc …

a. Legend Films: If your option is to download subtitled movies, start the Legend search; The site is the starting point, in your search it is possible to locate the film by its original name or in Portuguese, then download the .rar file of the legend, in this file is all the options of legend available, for all Existing formats. For example, when searching for Genius Movie or The Master of the Geniuses and download the .rar file of the legend, when you open it you will find 14 different subtitles, choose the one that best suits your needs. To find the movie you use these caption names and do a Google search. In the following photo you can see what you find when you open the Genius movie .rar file, then you choose one, right-click choose rename and copy the caption name, copy and paste in google and you will easily find great options for Download the movie you are looking for. Some places to look for movies: – – –

b. Dubbed movies: To download dubbed movie the best option is to search for the Portuguese name in Google, good options are the search in some Blogs and / or Forums. Some of these are: – – –

File Quality: Always keep an eye on the quality information of the files, usually they are exposed as in the example below:

Original Title: Suicide Squad
Direction: David Ayer
Release Date: 2016
Genre: Action / Adventure / Comedy
Quality: BDRip
Audio: 10
Video: 10
Format: AVI + RMVB
Language: Portuguese and English
Caption: no .rar

We know the quality is good because it is a BDRip, with audio and video with quality 10.

3 – What are and how to acquire Premium Accounts?

You can download movies at any time without any premium account but they speed up the task a lot. You do not lose time, download all the sequences uninterruptedly from your favorite movie to do a weekend marathon, without waiting, captcha or inconvenient advertisements … To choose your Premium Accounts consider the following:

Reliability: Always give preference to stable and time-to-market servers.

Diversity: Consider the file options of the source from where you are finding the movies to download, that is, there are more files on which server?

Safe shopping: Buying on the internet requires care, likewise, give preference to stable services, with good market time and fair price. We recommend the Mundo Premium.