Urban Mobility – Studies 01

Take a ride with us to understand what urban mobility is.


To start from the beginning, urban mobility is nothing more than that the capacity of a group of people to move within an urban area and the motivations here are diverse can be social and economic or even affective reasons.

After all, who has never been to the other end of the city to find the crush in it and how we do it all using the transport modals. Of course, buses, cars and all these are means that we use to transport in an urban public space.

And that is where the great challenge of urban mobility comes in, so that public management can achieve an adequate urban planning without congestion. The problem here is that the urban population is constantly growing, and this hinders everything that needs to be planned.

As the means of transportation the roads the photos of the roads is finally a damn thing: – Ah but why in some places urban mobility works better than in another sector? –

To better understand, we need to see how urban planning in developed countries happened quite differently from underdeveloped countries.

In the poorest countries urban occupation happened in an accelerated and disorderly way, it was something like this: those who came first and had more money lived near the work place that used to be in the center of big cities.

Since they were formed mainly from the attraction of labor to the industries, already in the richer countries the urban planning in this way more organized in which the people of low income were allocated in the centers of the cities exactly to avoid great displacements to the workplace, the result of this is the opposite of what we often see here the real estate speculation if they give the areas more distant making those who had more resources could have cars to move around the city.

A 4Move shared car. But do not be fooled into thinking that everything would be solved if it were that way everywhere, the car is a product, symbol of the ideology of post-Cold War capitalism and a strong stimulus what people have today for the people to buy their vehicle is the main problem of urban mobility nowadays and looks that this account is not so difficult.

So they make you pay dearly for a car that carries five people but that will often only have one passenger and barely going to leave the place with so much congestion mainly at rush hour on the other hand you have other means of transportation both road and rail as bus subways and trains that move the same amount of people occupying much less space and notes there for them that without this is the biggest contradiction of urban mobility understood all this is clear in this race.

Oops! One minute! Red sign that public administration is going through one of the biggest problems in public transport and here we are talking about Brazil is the monopoly of administrative groups that operates transport companies in public private partnerships and that of course I made a profit and then the result is that that we already know transport with precarious abusive prices without security and with poorly planned displacements causing the population to spend a long time from one place to the other just so you have notion if you spend four hours a day inside a bus in ten years and equals 9 thousand and 600 hours which is the same as 400 days.

App Car Sharing 4Move

When you see that already spent almost two years of your life inside the public transport seems crazy but it is the reality of many people and use public transport car out of the way I get my bass and I leave after all the bicycle is a free and healthy means of free transport but unfortunately we find it difficult to pedal everyday.

It lacked public debts, lacked safety for cyclists and at the same time this is a group that grows more and more and it gets even worse for people from peripheral areas they can not get around properly by bicycle because they have faced long distances and lack of infrastructure such as the existence of cycle paths or cycle paths or the basics right and since we are talking about access to the city.

To be continued…



Have you ever imagined touring the locality and being rewarded for it ?!

That’s it! For every km that the 4Move Passenger moves, he earns points! They are turned into cash back and prizes! Ranging from tickets to one, state-of-the-art Smartphones plus an international trip, no sweepstakes! Yes, locomova by the locality and be compensated it!

The Passenger has 4 categories of service:

TAXI – This is the renaming of traffic, it is the biggest connoisseur of the, being able to walk in Exclusive Corridors, you will arrive at your destination with Comfort and Safety.

TAXI LUXURY – In addition to having luxury and pleasure in a high standard car.

BLUE – The vehicle with a Private Driver that helps you

Quickly and economically by the locality, always being ready to assist you with a wonderful service!

BLACK – Luxury Cars, for those looking for a better experience in Comfort and Excellence.

Pay with the security of the credit card or use the points earned (bonus).

It’s very simple, it’s fun and you’ll ALWAYS!

You can now download the Application which is Game format, which offers the simplicity of getting around the place with Safety and Comfort, where you earn points and win rewards reaching new levels with your Friends. Download it and tell it to your friends and family.

Go winning points through your travels and, like every game, get cooler with friends, so each friend you indicate to them will give you a bonus of the points they make. That way, you’ll get faster at the awards.

Passenger has fun climbing levels and wrestling with family and friends from work, college, college, gym … Who wins the prizes first!

Each of these points that the 4Move Passenger accumulates can be used again within the application (such as free races) or withdrawn directly into your bank account to use as you wish!

Turn, indicate and conquer!

Technology and urban mobility

4moveAbundant applications of urban mobility blanket arose to connect people. Passengers and also drivers need to remain attentive there are points such as safety, punctuality, expense and also fidelity among them.

Different urban mobility applications that operate in Brazil.

Now we have 4 major applications operating in Brazil, they are Uber (the pioneer with private cars), Cabify, 99 (elderly 99 taxi) and also Easy (Macrobio Easy Taxy and also pioneer urban mobility application in the country).

Huge difference between them is that Uber acts simply with Private individuals causing great clashes to where it is established. In addition to this particularity, it is characterized by being the one that invests in the Shared Category, the so-called Uber Pool. In this way it aims to reduce costs, pollution, traffic (theoretically less cars on the streets).

The inequality of Cabify is the possibility of customizing the trip. Previous to embark is likely to opt from the radio station preferably, showing by the request of the driver to penetrate or not his port up to the temperature of the conditioned nitrogen.

Already 99 and also Easy also try to go behind, since they practically abandoned one standard of business and also also went to another, causing but insubordination to the already angry taxi drivers. De, seek to regain space with aggressive discounts. With financial tribute from China’s DiDi, the 99 may be a company that stands out from this time.

News that is coming.

Among companies that seek to fill buyers in this intense fight for a million dollar market is dined WillGo, Televo, T81 and also also but now even 4Move. Willgo is the first to sell an annual license to use the Application by Drivers, but with insufficient publication, mainly among Passengers and also also little known and also also fruitful to drivers. Televo has disadvantages with drivers and also also low travel volume. T81 operates in a few cities and also also presents obstacles with drivers and also also few trips.

With forecast of movement to fall of Juvenilidad of 2017 4Move counts on an aggressive campaign of marketing in the social networks. Promising to share the cake with the drivers and also affiliates invests in the loyalty of the Passengers. No genre of km rolled generates 1 macula, the points generate prizes and also also coin that can be used in the own application or taken into account fluid. Believing in the maxim that the brasilian likes discounts and also in the possibility of winning prizes, it was concluded that only a good one would be able to do no gender of population to allow already established companies of side and also also to drill itself the possibility to test Somewhat new. And also also with a “word of mouth”. Let’s see what will happen in this “war” set.


Desenvolvimento Peniano Funciona

O homem em sua grande maioria sempre esteve indignado com o tamanho de seu pênis principalmente se comparado com atores pornô que na grande maioria são anomalias da natureza e exatamente por isso são atores pornô. Mas existem realmente exercícios que podem fazer com que seu pênis cresça mesmo depois de adulto. Continue lendo..

Por que o Desenvolvimento Peniano é Possível?

Devido a alguns heróis que se habilitaram a fazer exercícios específicos para conseguir o que parecia impossível foi comprovado que o desenvolvimento peniano é uma realidade ao alcance de todos.

O pênis é feito de um tecido fibroso que pode ser preenchido com sangue mas se os exercícios não forem feitos de maneira correta você pode sofrer lesões em vez de conseguir o objetivo que você desejava.

É preciso principalmente dedicação assim pois conseguir um aumento peniano não é a mesma coisa que simples exercícios para aumentar os músculos dos braços ou pernas por exemplo. Por isso indico que você procure uma ajuda profissional ou um curso de boa qualidade sobre o assunto que pode ser encontrado na internet mesmo.


Aumento Peniano é Algo Necessário?

Que a grande maioria dos homens não está satisfeito com o tamanho do pênis não é novidade mas em que caso devemos aumentar o tamanho do pênis?

O pênis tem em média de 13cm a 14cm sendo que apenas 1% da população masculina possuem pênis acima de 20cm e alguns outros possuem um pênis realmente minúsculo com cerca de 5cm pra menos,esse tipo de pênis são chamados de micro pênis e muitas vezes precisam de cirurgias para um aumento mas muitas mulheres até preferem os da 1° opção.Os pênis de tamanho médio.

Mas a verdade é que o celebro humano é o grande inimigo dos homens pois se ele não está satisfeito em ter um pênis normal,nada vai tirar de sua cabeça que deve ter um orgão sexual maior.

Mais informações: http://desenvolvimentopeniano.com